Sunday, September 19, 2010

365 - I'd like a do-over

Ok, so I wasn't really organized for starting the 365 project. I've been taking pictures on my little Canon Point & Shoot, and I've been taking some on my Droid. I figured having 2 options would make it easier for me to actually take a picture every didn't work. I missed days, and then I've somehow deleted photos from my Droid before succesfully moving them to my laptop.

So...with your permission, I'd like to start this project over as of today, 9/19/10. Thanks in advance!'s the 1st shot for my 365 project:

#1 9/19/10

My hometown hosts a Criterium each year. Other than our downtown streets being closed to vehicles and lots of bicyclists going quickly, I wasn't sure what it meant. Here's the definition from Wikipedia: "A criterium, or crit, is a bike race held on a short course (usually less than 5km) often run on closed-off city center streets." Yup that's exactly what was happening today.
I took this shot on my Droid sitting on the curb in front of my church. I love the action of it, and how the camera somehow made her wheel oval.
After watching some of the racing I headed to a friend's house to get some plants for our new flower garden - pictures of that will definitely be part of the next 364 days!

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  1. I like this picture....very cool. Great colors too. Good luck with the 2nd go-around of the 365. Some days you have to really think outside the box. I try to take my camera everywhere....just in case.