Friday, September 24, 2010

Keepin' on with the 365 and You Capture

I'm realizing that I'm focusing more on the picture part of what's going on - not necessarily a bad thing, and it's been fun trying new photo challenges. But I'm not writing as much as I hoped with the blog...something to ponder!

Here are my next 5 photos for the 365 project - an opportunity/challenge to take 1 photo every day for 365 days.
Photobucket 365 Days

# 2 9/20/10 This is where I am most Monday nights of the year, with the exception of summer. I sing in a 200-voice women's chorus and we rehearse on Monday nights in the beautiful Unitarian Universalist church in town. I like how the lights are giving out a special glow.

#3 9/21/10 On Monday our work landlord came in with 4 tickets to the Red Sox the following night. We don't usually go out on a "school night", but decided to go. It was quite an adventure getting there (broken subway car in front of us, stuck in a crowded car for 20 minutes & ended up walking the last mile and got there an hour after the game started). But once we got there...nothing like Fenway Park on a beautiful night!

#4 9/22/10 I'm attempting to participate in the You Capture photography project and this is my one shot of the week. I won a packet of seeds at a work event and tossed them in this spot about a month ago. 1 of these flowers makes an appearance each morning - just beautiful!

#5 9/23/10 I offered a vespers service (meditative evening service) at my church and folks are invited to come light a candle of joy or concern.

#6 9/24/10 We tried a new restaurant tonight in the tiny town of Epping NH. The place is called Holy Grail - it's a former catholic church. This guy was there to greet us and to his right is a baptismal font with mints in it. Fun!


  1. My faves here are inside the church (wish I was there on Mondays too...maybe later) and the candle shot from vesper service. You've got a lot of picture with lights in your 365 thus far.

  2. I know I'm suppose to comment on the flower, but I'm also digging the candles!

    I took some of sunflowers [dying] in Ohio because it's hard to find any more flowers around right now!