Thursday, September 2, 2010

You Capture - Mornings

This is my first post as part of the You Capture project - click the link on the right. I love the idea of paying attention to an idea, a concept for a week and looking to find images that capture your imagination. This week the word was "Mornings".
I was lucky enough to be on Star Island this past weekend. Star is one of the Isles of Shoals about 6 miles off the coast of NH. I spent 7 summers working there about 20 years ago - best summers of my life. Sunday morning I woke up early - at about 6:15. I'm not generally a morning person, but a clear morning on Star is a wonderful thing...and a great opportunity for pictures! So as my roommate slept, I crept out of the room and started shooting - here are just a few shots from my Star Morning.

This one is for my friend Suz who loves taking photos of beach roses. They are in abundance on Star!

There was another group on Star - Road Scholars (formerly Elder Hostel). It's a program for seniors to explore different parts of the country, attend educational workshops, etc. This was a group of people walking around checking out the birds on the island. I was 10 seconds too late to catch them all looking through their binoculars.

Rocking chairs are in abundance on Star, but it's rare to find a row of them empty. Because of the different angles, it does look like they're rocking...just waiting for the humans to arrive.

The current chapel on the island is 210 years old and is probably the most photographed part of the island. I love the morning light casting shadows with the few trees on the island. Interested in Star Island? Check out


  1. Nice job for your first You Capture! I love the shot of the rocking chairs.

  2. I'm dittoing Anne - I liked the rocking chair picture. Very nice capture.

  3. I wanna go and rock on those chairs!!! I love that shot.

  4. Hey....thanks for the shout out on the beach roses. You must agree....too pretty to pass by. Watch out for the thorns tho. Have to agree with the masses that the rocking chairs are my fav. Glad you're posting on You Capture.