Sunday, January 15, 2012

Made with Love

Back for my second week of posting. Someday I may post more than once a week...but for now this is good. Part of my motivation in posting once a week is the P52 photography challenge. The challenge is to take/share a photo each week based on a theme. This week it was "Made With Love". Great theme... seemed easy...I thought about it all week but nothing grabbed my eye. Apparently I don't have many homemade items in my daily life. I was hoping and planning on taking a picture of some homemade cookies at a gathering on Friday night and it would have been a beautiful thing. But for reasons too long to put here, I never saw those cookies. So here I sit on Sunday night looking through old photos - a small "cheat".
This is the one that grabbed me - Made With Love by Mother nature. This was taken in the Redwoods on a trip we took this year where we drove from San Francisco to Seattle. Love is the main word for me - we love to travel, we love each other, we love exploring new places, and our life together has been made with love. Nuff said!


  1. Love the redwoods. And the angles of the photo.

    *Many of our cookies don't make it to photos either.... :)

  2. Love the POV on this shot. Totally don't think this is a's a perfect interpretation. Hope the rest of your weekend was better than Friday night.
    Did you bring me a T shirt from wherever you went?

  3. Beautiful! Love the point of view.

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