Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dreamed a Dream

Three weeks in a row - I'm on a roll.  Yay, me!  So, for the P52 photo challenge, the theme this week was "I Dreamed a Dream" inspired by MLK's speech.  I'm in the state that was the last to sign on to recognizing MLK day, but they finally did it a few years ago.  'Bout time.
Back to the photo challenge...I'm a New England gal, other than college and a brief stint in Alaska, I've lived in New England.  I love snow and love playing in/on it - skiing, snowshoeing, tubing, etc.  But this year, other than a freak Halloween snowstorm, we haven't had enough snow to shovel.  So - I've been dreaming of snow, and yesterday we got a few inches - finally!
So here's a shot out the kitchen window of the snow-lined trees with a beautiful winter sky behind them.  Another thing I like about winter - especially when we get a snow that sticks to the branches - is that we can see the silhouette of the tree.  I love seeing all the detail of the branches and the "reaching up" feeling that the trees give us at this time of year.  Without the leaves, we can see this.  Sometimes you have to strip things away to get to the hopefulness of something.

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  1. Yay....that's 3 for 3. Good going.
    Hope you are enjoying this snow. Each time more falls, so does my mood. I'm glad there is someone counter-balancing the world. Big hugs!!