Monday, February 27, 2012

Cabin Fever

It may appear that I missed a P52 week - True Love - and I kind of did.  I did take a picture, but now I can't figure out where it is.  When I find it, I'll share.
But now we're on to Cabin Fever.  This was a hard one - I haven't had a real reason to have Cabin Fever.  Yes, we've had some cold days and yes the days were short, but in my neck of the woods we have had no snow...barely a flake since a freak Halloween snow.  I live in New Hampshire and I've had to shovel twice this year - it's just not right.  As you can guess, I love snow, and I have really missed it this year.  I don't mind shoveling it, I love skiing on it, I love the look of it...and it's been a brown winter.  Can't control it, but I can complain about it.  :-)
So the other day I took a walk in our local Urban Forestry Center - a great spot right down the road.  Normally there would be cross-country ski tracks and snowshoe tracks...more brown.  But it was a lovely walk on a windy day.  I came around a corner to this view.

And for a tiny glimpse of winter, I did find some frozen water on the path.  I'll take what winter I can find.  I was tempted to step on it and hear that icy crunch...but I left that for the next traveler.

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  1. Great line in that photo taking the eye right down the snowless path. Sorry for you about the no snow thing, but my heart is rejoicing.

  2. It is lovely to get outside in a park. Beautiful perspective of the path. I love to crunch ice. I don't think that I could have resisted.