Sunday, February 12, 2012

Drink Up! and Into the Drink

Linking with the P52 photo challenge for my 6th week in a row - I'm on a roll!!  The theme this time was Drink Up!  The first thing I thought of was a weekly "business meeting" with some friends I sing with.  We're in a 100 voice group that sings music from around the world.  About 15 of us make our way to a local establishment each week and as long as we talk about or actually sing one of the songs, it's an official "business meeting".  So here's my shot from the meeting - what draws my eye is the reflection of the flash and the lights in each glass.
In between drinks that night, we made our way down to the Piscataqua River - the Memorial Bridge, connecting our fine town to Kittery, ME is being taken down and replaced.  On this night the center span of the bridge was being taken out and floated up river - a big deal in the area.  For reasons to complicated to explain here, we didn't actually see the bridge float out - we saw it before, and we saw it after, but we missed the big hoopla of it leaving.  Oh well.  So we did toast to the bridge with the drinks in the above photo, so I thought I'd include some "before and after" shots.  The center span didn't go Into the Drink - thanks to the hard work and engineering skills of many...
 The last twilight before the middle went away
The next day - blue skies and a bridge to nowhere...

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  1. Yay....6 weeks. Keep going. Gotta check what next week's topic is. Hope you're having fun.