Sunday, April 15, 2012

P52 Catch-up - Hunger, Details & Foolin' Around

So my friend Suz gave me a gentle reminder that she hadn't seen any P52 posts in a while and she was right...I've been slacking.  I've been taking pictures, but just wasn't managing to post them.  So - here's a 3-fer - all of them thanks to an overnight in Chicago at the end of a trip to Indiana

Week 12 was hunger - here's a picture of a place you want to go when you're hungry - the Weber Grill restaurant in Chicago.  If you sit at the counter you can watch them cook on 7 (yes, 7!) giant charcoal grills - heaven for this grilling girl!

Week 13 - details.  Again, a big thank- you to Chicago!!!  I love how this photo came out - the black & white quality (it was taken in color), the beauty of the metal work, and the reflection in the windows.  Quite pleased with myself on this one.  :-)

And Week 14 was "Foolin' Around".  Not necessarily a photo OF fooling around.  This was taken on the way walking to a favorite breakfast spot in Chicago - about 8am on a Sunday.  Crossing this bridge I decided to just turn around to look behind  us (ok, I can say I twirled...that makes it Foolin' Around) and saw this shot - love the contrast of new & old, the lines and the reflections.

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  1. That last shot is my fave. Great reflections and a nice long leading line taking the eye down the sidewalk. 7 grills? really?